27 January

“Poets of the Slavic Soul”



Roberte MAMOU, piano



Anton Rubinstein  (1829-1894)

  • Romance op 44
  • Preghiera op 44 N°3
  • Mélodie op 3 N°1
  • Barcarolle op 93 N°3

Mikhaïl Glinka  (1804-1857)

  • Nocturne “La séparation”
  • “The Lark” arr. Mili Alekseïevitch Balakirev

Piotr Illitch Tchaikowsky (1840-1893 )

  • “The Seasons”  “12  Characters sketches from the North”  op. 37

January : At the Fireside – February : Carnival
March : Song of the Lark –April : Snowdrop
May : Starlit Nights – June : Barcarolle
July: Song of the Reaper –August : Harvest
September : The Hunt – October : Autumn Song
November : Troika –December : Christmas


“French Connection”

Saxo Clone 

Gino Samyn, saxophone ; Frédéric Basquin, saxophone
Pascal Thibaux, piano



In a meeting of three talented musicians, Saxo Clone offers a concert with two saxophonists from the reputed French school of classical saxophone. With two exceptional sounds for a great musical moment, “The French Connection” showcases original work and transcriptions by great French composers with impressionist and modern shades.

Gino Samyn (1974)
“Contre la montre”

Claude Achille Debussy (1962-1918)
Trio en Sol – Premier mouvement

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
Pavane op.50

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
Trio – 1st and 2nd movements

Jean-Philippe Vanbêselaere (1969)
“Le fil d’Ariane”

Gino Samyn
“Valse à Lino”

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